We are starting the new year with our latest and greatest application for your Hit Fire TV Service, this application has many features and is more user friendly, it's great for everyone whether your into Sports, Live TV or Watching your favorite Movies and TV Shows. 

Please follow the Installation instructions below to get started:

We highly recommend that you use "Amazon FireStick 4k" for best quality!


Step 1 (Turn ON ADB Debugging/App from Unknown Sources on your device)


Below are 2 different ways to do so, please choose the option for your device!


Option #1

1. On your Amazon Fire Stick, go to "Settings"

2. Now go down and click "My Fire TV"

3. Go down and click "Developer Options"

4. Turn ON ADB Debugging"and "Apps from known Sources"


Option #2

1. On your Amazon Fire Stick, go to "Settings"

2. Now go down and click "My Fire TV"

3. Now click "About"

4. Click "Fire TV Stick... 7 times until "You are now a Developer" appear

5. Press back once on your remote and go down and click "Developer Options"

6. Turn ON "ADB debugging" and "Apps from Unknown Sources"


Step 2 (Downloading and Installing Hit Fire TV application)

01. On Amazon Fire Stick, go to "Find" click in "Search box, search for "Downloader App"
02. Install and Open "Downloader App"
03. Where it says “Enter a URL or Search Term”, enter 755343 and press “GO”
04. Please wait a moment for application to download (25.2 MB)
05. Once download is complete click the “INSTALL” button
06. Once application has installed click the “OPEN“ button
07. Once app is open, press "Add New Source" the select "HitFire TV" then press "NEXT"
08. Enter your 5 Digit Device login credentials (Username/Password) 
09. Once you have entered your 5 digit Username/Password, press "NEXT"
10. Now on Add EPG Source Page, press "NEXT" again
11 Now on Change source Settings Page, press "Add" button, then press "DONE"
12. Now wait for Channels, Logotypes and Programs to load then press "Close"


Installation video
Click Here to see installation video



Thursday, January 11, 2024

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